PHP – Tutorial

PHP – Tutorial
Basic Introduction, Data types, Variables, Operators, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, Strings And Patterns, Regular Expression

PHP – Web Programming
Anatomy of a Web Page, Forms and URLs, GET and POST, Managing File Uploads, HTTP Headers, Redirection, Compression, Caching, Cookies, Sessions

PHP – Security Concepts
Input Tainted, Whitelist vs. Blacklist Filtering, Filter Input, Escape Output, Website Security, Cross-Site Scripting, Database Security, Session Security, Filesystem Security, Remote Code Injection, Command Injection, Shared Hosting

PHP Operators

As their name subtly suggests, operators are the catalysts of operations. There are many types of operators in PHP, those commonly used are: • Assignment Operators for assigning data to variables • Arithmetic Operators for performing basic math functions •… (READ MORE)

PHP Constants

Conversely to variables, constants are meant for defining immutable values. Constants can be accessed for any scope within a script; however, they can only contain scalar values. Constant names, like variables, are case-sensitive; they also follow the same naming requirements,… (READ MORE)