PHP – Classes

Get the desired php class, which is simple to integrate into your program.

PHP – Class DB Connection

The Simple PHP Class helps you to make the connection with database. Code Example: ================================== Start class.dbconnection.php file ======================= <?php class dbConnection{ private $server; private $username; private $password; private $dbname; private $link; public function connect($server,$username,$password){ $this->link=mysql_connect($server,$username,$password); } public function close(){… (READ MORE)

PHP – Class Encrypt Decrypt

This PHP Class for encryption and decryption of the text. This is a simple class which returns the numeric encryption of the text. Code Example: ================================== Start index.php file ============================ <?php include_once(“class.encrypt.decrypt.php”); $objCls = new Encryption(); $objCls->text = “my text.”;… (READ MORE)