PHP – Tutorial / Web Programming / Security Concepts

PHP – Tutorial
Basic Introduction, Data types, Variables, Operators, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, Strings And Patterns, Regular Expression

PHP – Web Programming
Anatomy of a Web Page, Forms and URLs, GET and POST, Managing File Uploads, HTTP Headers, Redirection, Compression, Caching, Cookies, Sessions

PHP – Security Concepts
Input Tainted, Whitelist vs. Blacklist Filtering, Filter Input, Escape Output, Website Security, Cross-Site Scripting, Database Security, Session Security, Filesystem Security, Remote Code Injection, Command Injection, Shared Hosting


When sending the formwe introduced above with the method attribute set to post, the data is accessible using the $_POST superglobal array. Just like $_GET, $_POST contains one array element named after each input name. <?php if($_POST[‘login’]){ if($_POST[‘user’] == “admin”… (READ MORE)